Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, educated at Edinburgh Academy and Edinburgh University, Michael Macmeeken is a graduate of the Real Superior Conservatorio de Musica in Madrid where he studied (1969-1975) with Jorge Ariza. He perfected his studies with Regino Sainz de la Maza in Madrid from 1968-1977. Further music studies followed and he taught the classical guitar at several state music education establishments in Germany, from 1978-2004. A resident of Heidelberg, Germany, he founded Chanterelle Verlag in 1979: This undertaking, one of the first in guitar circles to implement scholarly and scientific editing polices, was soon to be recognised as an important reference catalogue for classical guitarists and a source for much much previously unattainable guitar repertoire. Macmeeken owned and ran it until until it was acquired in 2013 by Zimmermann Musikverlage; since 2016 part of the Schott Music Group in Mainz. Michael Macmeeken still works in an advisory capacity for the publishing activities of Guitar with which he is associated.

Michael Macmeeken

Music Editor