Work is continuing flat out on this new 16-volume edition critical edition of Llobet’s guitar music.
Volumes 1-4, 13 & 14 are all ready. Next off is volume 15. (Then we will concentrate on the guitar solo transcriptions, including De Falla).

Volume 15

Miguel Llobet’s famous Catalan plucked string orchestra called the ‘Lira Orfeo’ was active in Barcelona from 1899-1906. 

Barcelona was a hub of culture and ‘el modernismo’ (the Catalan brand of Art-Nouveau) was in full swing. Parallel to ernomous culture activity with the phenomenom of the choral societies, There were great strides in developing the instruments and playing techniques of the Spanish plucked instrument family.  Important concerts and events were in full swing. For example, the dignitaries in the roster of the “Sociedad de conciertos de Barcelona” included Wanda Landowska, Cecile Chaminade, Camille Saint Saens to name but three.

Here we present the first publication of the repertoire of the Lira Orfeo, which has original works as well as transcriptions, all compiled and adapted by Llobet and engraved in the same format in which it was originally used almost 120 year’s ago. The Edition has copious historical notes as well as many illustrations and photographs order no. GHE915, 112 pages – price to be announced on publication in December 2019.