Great news for Tárrega! His wonderful melodious transcription of Albéniz’ Célebre Serenata Española in the key of G has just recently seen the light of day in a manuscript copied by Miguel Llobet, straight from the source, probably when he was still a pupil of Tárrega. We should be grateful to Stefano Grondona for this discovery.

This beautiful and subtle transcription is not overcomplicated to play, Tárrega did not try to do everything, as some more recent transcribers have attempted to do. The melody sings and the accompaniment is subtly always there. The tuning with 5th string to G, and 6th to D, is no hindrance – on the contrary it is a boon. We are not aware of any published version of this work in G major, and this particular version has never been published until now. We are delighted to make it available for the first time in a new scholarly edition prepared from Llobet’s meticulously accurate manuscript, a copy of which is reproduced in the edition.

                                                              GHE704     €7,90 (print)
                                                              GHDL704   €3,90 (download)